28 Nov 2021, 11:59 AM (GMT)

Pakistan Corona Virus Cases Update

1,284,189 Total
28,709 Deaths
1,241,761 Recovered


  • For Universities
  • For Businesses
  • For Foreign Faculty
  • For Foreign Universities At LKP
  • Capital expenditure for the construction of campuses to be funded by LKPC and Government of the Punjab.
  • Complete infrastructure facilities to be provided by LKPC.
  • Highly concessional rates for land lease.
  • Exemptions on import duties and tax holidays as part of SEZ (Special Economic Zone).
  • One Stop Solution Shop for business modelling, legal and financial consultancy.
  • Plug and Play Business Spaces.
  • High-specification research laboratories.
  • Tax exemptions as part of Special Economic Zone (SEZ).
  • Exemption from import duties and taxes on the import of goods, materials, equipment required for the operations of LKP and for the entities located inside the LKP.
  • Out of a huge number of Pakistanis teaching in international universities, many will be potentially willing to relocate to the country.
  • Currently 10,000 Ph.Ds. are teaching in Pakistani universities and the number is growing.
  • More than 14,000 Ph.Ds. qualifying every year.
  • Total annual spending by Pakistani students in foreign universities is USD 2 Billion.
  • Yearly, out of 200,000 students applying for admissions in international universities, 160,000 cannot secure admissions; the surplus number signifies a large pool of potential students for foreign universities to locate at LKP.

Pakistan Higher Education Sector’s Overview


or more students pass out yearly with 16 years or above education.


or more students pursuing Ph.D. Programs .


Computer Sciences Graduates Per Year.


or more enrolled in Masters and M.Phil. Programs.

or more literacy Rate