Mr. Yasir Farid Malik

Mr. Yasir Farid Malik

General Manager IT

Mr. Yasir Farid has a remarkable track record as the General Manager of IT at LKPC since 2016. Due to his exceptional skills and performance, he has been entrusted with the additional responsibility of Head of Procurement. With over 20 years of experience in Project Planning & Execution, Mr. Farid has successfully delivered several significant projects. His notable achievements include groundbreaking projects such as the implementation of the Punjab Metro Bus automation system, the Punjab Safe City project, and the 100K Laptop project. These initiatives are widely recognized as the largest IT endeavors in the province, establishing Mr. Farid as an exceptional leader in project planning and execution. Moreover, his expertise extends across diverse areas, including procurement, management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), management information systems (MIS), and network architecture design. He has completed 16 years of education in Computer Sciences and has achieved multiple certificates. Mr. Farid has attended various training programs related to Project Management Professional (PMP) and information technology. His comprehensive skill set enables him to navigate complex projects with efficiency and precision.

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