Become the Voice

At LKPC, we are making our efforts to advocate the pressing need to have a research-intensive, high-technology, knowledge-based economy as a significant agenda of national development. But we cannot do it alone; we would like you to become our ambassadors and lead the discussion on the agenda of Pakistan as a Knowledge Economy and Lahore Knowledge Park as a cornerstone to this notion of economic development. Knowledge Ambassadors Program is an effective liaison between the students and Lahore Knowledge Park. Ambassadors will be engaged for a period of 12 weeks and will be asked to come up with task plans involving various activities to drive relevant discussion among their peers. Students will be selected as Knowledge Ambassadors against a certain evaluation criteria for each cohort and will be given the opportunity to work with the outreach and communication team of LKPC in order to raise awareness, drive advocacy campaigns on social media and to spur the discussions among their networks. On completion of the first cohort, Knowledge Ambassadors will be awarded with certificates of participation. The participants will also be contesting for Star Ambassador Award.

Role of the Ambassadors:

1. Spark discussions on the topics relevant to knowledge economy.
2. Raising awareness about Lahore Knowledge Park as a substantial step towards transforming Pakistan into knowledge based economy.
3. Generating content to plug into social media campaigns of Lahore Knowledge Park.
4. Working closely with the communications and outreach personnel of LKPC to drive visibility campaigns.
5. Documenting and sharing stories from the students highlighting their needs and challenges through their journey of education.
6. Promoting LKPC’s Knowledge Ambassadors Program among the students for the next cohort.


Application is your first step. The application is only a few questions, but for us the answers will show a lot about how you intend you to be a part of this trailblazing development initiative. You will hear back from us in about 2 to 3 days with the results of your application. If you are accepted you will be invited to our day long working session in Lahore and will be briefed on what the next steps are. If you believe in and have the zeal to initiate and lead a meaningful discussion on the subjects of innovation, entrepreneurship, industry-academia linkage, research and country’s resultant economic acceleration, LKPC Knowledge Ambassadors Program is certainly a forum for you.