Mr. David Cobham, Dean of Translational Education accompanied by Dr. Termit Kaur, Visiting Fellow at University of Lincoln, UK met the team of LKPC at its Head Office in Lahore. Lahore Knowledge Park Company was represented by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. During the progressive discussions, delegates were briefed in detail on the master plan of Lahore Knowledge Park (LKP) and its priority areas. They were also apprised about the support from provincial government in terms of the availability of substantial funding as well as its strategic commitment towards the development of this iconic project. Mr. David Cobham recognized LKP as the most suitable potential locale for University of Lincoln to setup its campus in Pakistan. Initially, the university plans to offer degree programs in Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Mechatronics and Robotics as part of LKP. Both sides reaffirmed to take forward the discussions to the pertinent governing bodies in order to lay off mutually feasible and self-sustainable models of service delivery. The discussions were followed by a visit to the site of Lahore Knowledge Park.

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