Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri, CEO Lahore Knowledge Park Company is the Chief Guest at International Conference on Energy Conservation and Efficiency, happening today at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore, Pakistan. The conference is organized by FSK Energy Efficiency and Conservation Foundation (FEECF) ,CERAD, UET Lahore, IEEE IAS USA and IEEE Lahore Section in order to provide a forum to the engineers, researchers, energy experts, manufacturers, and building designers to meet, discuss, explore and exchange ideas in the fastest growing field of Energy Efficiency and Conservation strategies.

LKPC sponsored Youth Speak Forum 2017 as a premier sponsor to the conference. The event was organized by AIESEC in Lahore, a sub-committee of AIESEC international. Youth Speak Forum is one of the largest local conferences promoting youth to lead the voice over various agendas of social and economic development. The conference held at November 4, 2017 hosting more than 300 student delegates from various universities of Lahore.

The forum afforded an extensive chance to LKPC to interact with the students to launch its Knowledge Ambassadors Programs 2017. Mr. Abdul Razak, Chief Operating Officer, LKPC was the keynote speaker at the event. He spoke about the significance of Lahore Knowledge Park as an initiative of national development and shared its promising features for the students of Pakistan. He apprised the students about the focus of provincial government to steer Punjab and by extension Pakistan towards a knowledge based economy. Taking a keen interest in LKPC as an initiative of national development, a large number of students registered themselves for the first cohort of LKPC Knowledge Ambassadors Drive.

Furthering the ongoing discussions, a meeting held with Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), China to setup the campus of Chinese varsity at Lahore Knowledge Park (LKP).

The virtual discussion was joined by Ms. Wenying Wu, Director International Office, Mr. Bob Zhang, Programme Manager, International Office from BJUT. The team of LKPC was represented by its Chairman, Lt. Gen (Retd) Mohammad Akram Khan and CEO, Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri. They appreciated BJUT for showing keen interest in partnering with LKPC by setting-up its campus at Lahore Knowledge Park. Both parties talked about the range of disciplines which will be offered at the prospective university. Innovative disciplines relevant to Information and Communication Technology, Civil and Infrastructural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering were considered to be appropriate. Similar meetings are going to be held to firm the plans.

Delegation of ATX+Pak Launch, headed by Ms. Alicia Dean visited the office of LKPC) in Lahore on November 7, 2017. ATX+Pak Launch is an initiative of Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce, City of Austin. The program is aimed at introducing entrepreneurs and accelerators to opportunities in Pakistan, provide access for Pakistani startups to funders and mentors, as well as provide a platform for collaboration and joint talent development between Austin and Pakistan. Chairman LKPC, Lt. Gen. (R) Muhammad Akram along with CEO LKPC, Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri met the delegation.

During a detailed presentation, the team of ATX+Pak was briefed about the concept master plan of Lahore Knowledge Park. Ongoing interventions and future plans of project development were also shared with the foreign counterparts. During the discussion, prospects were explored to set-up Medical Innovation District and Media City hub at Lahore Knowledge Park following the models in the City of Austin. The meeting resolved with a note of thanks and affirmation from both parties to take the preliminary discussions forward.

A meeting held with the senior officials of Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Lahore on September 15th 2017. The discussion involved chalking out the policy framework to establish international universities at Lahore Knowledge Park. The meeting was virtually chaired by Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC from Islamabad. Mr. Nazeer Hussain, Director General HEC, Lahore was also present in the meeting. Team of LKPC was represented by Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, member Board of Directors, LKPC and Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri, CEO LKPC. Dr. Zubair apprised the group about progress of Pak-Italy University, which is going to be the inaugural project at Lahore Knowledge Park. He highlighted the areas where LKPC is seeking guidance and support from HEC in terms of developing the governance charter and administrative structure of the university in alignment with the policies of Higher Education Commission. Chairman HEC ensured complete support and emphasized on making joint efforts to host the international universities at LKP. He formulated a committee of experts to assist LKP in this regard. It is pertinent to state that LKPC is collaborating with HEC on multiple other areas including capacity building of faculty for the international universities which will be established at LKP and initiatives under CPEC Knowledge Corridor.

Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri, CEO LKPC called on Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, former Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and the frontline scientist to seek his advice on devising strategic conduit for LKPC’s academic outreach drive. Both had a detailed discussion on the prospects of partnerships with the universities in France, Germany, UK and USA to establish their campuses at LKP. Meeting involved progress review of Pak-Italy University of Engineering, Science & Technology which is going to be set-up at LKP. The project is expected to take-o_ in September 2017 with a feasibility study and the university will be functional by fall 2018. Dr. Rahman is the Chair of LKPC’s Steering Committee on the project of Pak-Italy University and is also a member of LKPC’s academic committee of experts.

As an imminent arrangement, LKPC is planning to setup King’s College Hospital (KCH), Punjab at Lahore Knowledge Park. KCH, Punjab will be offering medical degree programs and clinical trainings accredited by Royal College of Surgeons & King’s College Hospital London. A consultative session was held with King’s College London on August 21st 2017 to take the preliminary plans forward into substantiation. During the session, decisions were made around the modalities of land lease to establish KCH, Punjab. It was also discussed that hospital’s management committee will be supervised by senior personnel from King’s College London. 1500 paramedics will be trained before the start of operations at KCH Punjab. Constitutional and operational model of the teaching medical facility was also discussed in detail.

A high level meeting held with the Italian counterparts to track progress on Pak-Italy University which will be set-up at Lahore Knowledge Park.

The meeting was held on October 13, 2017 at the Head Office of LKPC (Lahore Knowledge Park Company) in Lahore. Mr. Nabeel Awan, Secretary Higher Education Department, Punjab and Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri, Chief Executive Officer, LKPC attended the meeting with his team while Dr. Sohail Naqvi , member Board of Directors, LKPC and Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, Chairman Steering Committee of Pak-Italy University virtually joined the discussion. From Italy, Mr. Bernardino Chiaia, Vice Rector International Office, Politecnico di Torino virtually attended the discussion along with his team. Discussion primarily involved various areas regarding the composition of degrees by partner Italian universities and its accreditation by the pertinent authorities in Italy and Pakistan. Currently at the stage of feasibility, the university is expected to be launched by the end of 2018.

Senior officials from LKPC held preliminary deliberations at German Embassy in Pakistan to identify prospects of partnership with German institutes of higher education. Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri, CEO, LKPC and Lt. Gen (Retd) Mohammad Akram Khan called on the German Ambassador, H.E Mr. Martin Kobler on October 10, 2017.

CEO LKPC briefed the Ambassador about the detailed concept plan and salient features of Lahore Knowledge Park as the first knowledge and innovation hub of the country. H.E Mr. Martin Kobler ensured embassy’s assistance to connect LKPC with the institutes of higher education in Germany. The meeting was resolved with quantitative action points to make progress towards prospective partnership.

Dr. Zubair Iqbal

Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri, CEO LKPC met the ambassador of Sweden to Pakistan, H.E Ms. Ingrid Johansson in Islamabad on October 9, 2017.

Dr, Zubair apprised the ambassador about the LKPC’s ongoing academic outreach drive in Sweden. He also briefed her about the prospects of hosting Karolinska Cancer teaching, research and treatment institute at Lahore Knowledge Park. H.E the ambassador appreciated the concept plan of LKP and affirmed her support for the project.